Sandy is originally from Scituate, MA and studied at Bridgewater State University as a Communication and Fine Arts Major.  She developed a love of the “hands on medium” of art while in college.  Her early focus was weaving and clay, and was always fascinated by sewing, especially quilting.  Sandy learned her basic sewing skills from her Mother when she was in her early teens.   A high school Home Economics class was the jumping off point where she made her first wrap skirt.  For Sandy, it has always been more about the fabric than the clothing...she was hooked.  Following college, her career in the hospitality industry would consume her day to day life, moving from Boston to Las Vegas, NV & Park City, UT, she always made time for quilting which kept her creative side fueled.  

25 years later her love of the arts has again taken on new life.  Quilting has become Sandy's biggest passion.  Over the past few years, her style has dramatically changed, with a shift from Traditional to Modern Quilting and Memory Quilts. She enjoys the challenge of taking photos and clothing and combining them to make wall hangings and lap quilts that preserve family memories. 

M2 Mod Memories quilts are created in Henderson, NV and have a modern aesthetic, clean lines, and simple shapes, highlighting the clothing as the cloth. Photos and announcements, wedding, baby, birthday & anniversary, are added to wall hangings to enhance the memories.